Introducing the UTS R.E.A.L. Values

Respect is treating our employees, clients, and the broader community the way that each one of us would like to be treated. We are free to have a difference of opinion and debate the best way to solve problems and deliver the best quality service, however we must always speak and act in a respectful manner. The transportation industry can be stressful and at times unpredictable but we vow to treat everyone we encounter with respect and dignity.
Empathy is working to understand our employees, clients and partners perspectives. We strive to look at the world in someone else’s shoes. Many of our clients have unique challenges and they deserve our respect and empathy as do our employees.
We are accountable to safely and reliably transport over 3,500 people on a daily basis. It is every employees responsibility to fully do their part to deliver on that objective. This means we all must be accountable to do our jobs to the full extent of our capabilities. When we are all accountable to our actions we have proven that we can do amazing things. Being accountable means we all do the things we say we are going to do.
Leadership is not simply for management. Every employee in the company is responsible to step up and provide leadership for UTS. This means that when you find a process that can be improved we all work together to present solutions. Helping to solve problems is showing leadership, simply stating problems rarely leads to quick solutions. We challenge every member of the company to be a leader and feel empowered to share your ideas, improvements, and suggestions to make UTS better everyday.