Transit Services


Paratransit services for individuals unable to use regular public transportation.


The American Disabilities Act of 1990 requires all transit authorities to provide paratransit services for people unable to use other forms of public transit. But UTS knows that transit is much more than just a specialized transport. For our passengers, transit means accessibility and independence. Our trained personnel provide quality service with compassion and sensitivity, respecting the dignity of our riders.

Our clients count on UTS for complete paratransit solutions. We build and leverage technology to improve dispatch route design and operational coordination, and to provide passengers with up-to-the-minute schedule information. We manage elaborate call center operations and sophisticated dispatch software. To help our clients manage their tight budgets, we rigorously focus on efficiency. We continually strive to achieve the right balance between service quality and rigorous management of costs, a challenge inherent in the transit business. And at every step, we hold ourselves to the very highest standards of safety. Here in Ohio, UTS is helping transit authorities meet the simultaneous challenges of increased ridership, a larger aging population, and skyrocketing cost structures with our priceless experience and knowledge.

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