Developmentally Disabled


Transportation services for the care of developmentally disabled individuals.


UTS has specialized in transportation of Children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout the company’s 30 year history. Today we remain committed to serving the developmentally disabled community. We have developed extensive special needs training programs for our drivers and monitors, including comprehensive sensitivity and awareness training for many conditions- from autism and cerebral palsy to traumatic brain injuries. Every driving team member acquires a wide range of knowledge and skills to service children and adults challenged by physical and mental disabilities.

UTS driver teams receive expanded training and education in emergency evacuation, blood borne pathogens, and first aid and CPR procedures. As needed, team members receive training in nonviolent crisis intervention. The program emphasizes de-escalation and teaches our staff to look for behavior warning signs, as well as recognize verbal and preverbal responses.

UTS has a very detailed wheelchair lift procedures to ensure that passengers are boarded with safety and consistency. All driver team members must become UTS certified on lift and adaptive equipment operation. Our mobility procedures teach team members the appropriate way to handle the vast variety of wheelchairs and scooters. Our staff also receives extensive service training for passengers using crutches, braces, and leg prostheses. Because of the concerns special needs passengers present in an emergency situation. UTS has also developed emergency procedures targeted specifically to the special needs circumstance.

All UTS drivers are offered ten hours of continuing education annually. Our continuing education curriculum includes a dedicated special needs series. UTS has also integrated a Nation Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) driver in-service series into our continuing education programs as well.

UTS is proud to continue our tradition of safe, responsive transportation services and support that help improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities.

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