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As the largest provider of non-emergency medical transportation in South-West Ohio, UTS is uniquely positioned to provide the most consistent, cost effective, safe and efficient transportation service for 100’s of agencies. We currently transport over 3,500 clients per day across 9 SW Ohio counties including Butler, Hamilton, Warren, Clinton, Clermont, Preble, Montgomery, and Franklin.

We operate over 250 UTS vehicles daily. Supplementing our dedicated fleet with a significant number of exclusive and part-time subcontracted providers ensures optimum capacity to meet the communities’ needs, and provides flexibility to adapt to daily fluctuations in service volume. Our employees and our providers are fully committed to serving the Ohio Department of Education, Job and Family Services, Department of Developmentally Disabled, Council on Aging, and Veterans Affairs to name a few. Across our total Transportation network, we operate over 300 vehicles daily. We are continuously building both are own fleet and interviewing and contracting with an ever-widening group of both exclusive and part time subcontractors that help us serve both urban and rural communities in Ohio.

The UTS model focuses on building a diverse transportation network of providers that delivers the right transportation option, to the correct client, at the right time and at the best cost. Through more than 30 years’ experience managing and operating Transit Authorities, livery, paratransit, and bus systems, we believe the most effective and efficient transportation options leverage all modes under a single network that has visibility and operational ability to schedule, dispatch, and manage operations across the entire network.

UTS is able to offer 24/7/365 call and data center solutions and customized client service programs that directly benefit companies, agencies and clients alike through increased productivity, excellent service delivery and exceptional call center efficiency. Our company currently handles 5000+ calls daily with 12 operators available.

With proven skill, our call center handles calls and emails from government agencies, medical facilities and doctor’s offices, school districts, elderly services, vendors and our valued clients.

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